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10 Unspoken Rules for Suits

To master the art of suiting, one must know the golden rules that stand the test of time. It matters little if you shop in the most expensive fashion houses – if you don’t follow basic suiting tips then you’re wasting your time. Read below to learn of the 10 unspoken suit rules that you should be abiding by. Learn, live and dress by them.

1. Buying Off-The-Rack? Shoulder Fit is Essential

The most important thing for you to look out for when buying an off-the-rack suit is how the shoulders fit. If it’s creased around the triceps and around your collar bone, it’s too tight. Baggy around the shoulders? You’ll like you’re fresh out of high school. Make sure that the shoulder pads come to the ends of your shoulders.

Shoulder Fit is Essentail2. Sleeve Cuffs Should Be Exposed ½ an Inch

A great way to look wet behind the ears is to wear a suit with sleeve cuffs that are either too short or too long. ½ inch and no more or less is what you should be going for. This will make your outfit look symmetrical, balanced and effortlessly cool.

3. Socks Should Always Be Long

Let’s be honest – no one wants to see a man’s hairy legs. Always wear long socks that cover your ankles and the daylight between the hem of your trousers and shoes. We get it, mankles are all the rage. If you’re rocking mankles, wear socks that don’t go beyond the half-way point of your ankles.

4. Belts? Same Color as Your Shoes

While this is an obvious fashion faux pas, it’s still surprising to see how many people get it wrong. There’s being fashion-forward and daring and then there’s just being downright tacky. Keep it simple and match your belt color with your shoes. Also, wear thin belts (1.25 to 1.5 inch is ideal) as thick belts have not been fashionable since 1950. Simple buckles also go a long way to no detract from the rest of your outfit.

5. Ties Should Be Darker Than Your Shirt

There’s no good reason for wearing a tie that is darker than your shirt. Your tie should match your clothing and not the other way around.

Ties Should Always be Darker Than Your Shirt6. Do Not Wear Sports Watches

Want to look like your mother still picks your clothes? Wear a sports watch with your suit. It’s incredible that a watch can ruin your look but in this case, it certainly will. Dress watches can be expensive but there are also plenty of affordable options that will take all of your outfits up a notch.

7. Unbutton Your Jacket Before Sitting Down

This one is a no brainer. The jacket will look funny on you if you don’t unbutton it when you sit – what’s worse is that you’ll ruin the shape of your suit!

8. Open Wide for That Dimple

No, we don’t mean smiling when you wear your suit. The dimple is that little hollow gap beneath the knot of your tie and leaving it open gives a suit that extra suave factor.

Tie Dimple9. Pant Hems? Touch the Top of Your Shoe

An easy way to shave a few pounds of your frame, look trendy and fashionable all with one guideline. Let the bottom of your trousers touch the top of your shoes – work with our tailors at Raja’s fashion and we’ll get it just the way you want it.

10. Vesting Up? Bottom Button Open

If you’re wearing a vest, 9 times out of 10, you should keep the bottom button open, especially if you’re sitting down. The exceptions are when you’re wearing a two-button suit and are buttoning that all the way down.

Follow these 10 unspoken suit rules and you’ll be looking better already.

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