We are a proud sponsor of the AMCHAM Adopt-A-School foundation which raises funds to build school buildings and provide Water Filtration systems to underprivileged educational facilities across North East Thailand.

The Adopt-A-School foundation is a cause close to our heart and something that we make every effort to support and further each year. However, it’s not something we do alone. Our entire CSR program is built around it and we encourage our customers and friends to join us at our charity events during which they can donate directly or help just through their participation.

How we got involved in Adopt-A-School

The American Chamber approached us in 2004 when they first launched the corporate sponsorship arm of the cause. In the early days, AMCHAM graciously matched any corporate donations up to 500k baht. With those funds, they were able to build a new school building with 4 classrooms that served up to 150 children each.

Each corporate sponsor gets to select an area of the country that they wish their donations to benefit. We chose Ubon Ratchathani in Northern Thailand, the home of the very first Raja’s Fashions and where our family originates from.

Our first year of participating was so rewarding that we took it as a springboard to focus all of our charitable efforts around and immediately committed to another 5 years of sponsorship. 10 years later, we have built 10 school buildings and are still very much involved and we would love your help too.

This charity project struck a chord with our founder, Raja Gulati, who did not have the opportunity for higher education. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. So when we were approached by AMCHAM, we decided to embrace this project.

How Raja’s Fashions supports Adopt-A-School

The main focus of our money raising efforts is the Annual Raja’s Charity Golf tournament which we hold at one of Bangkok’s finest golf courses.

As well as a fun day out for up to 160 of our golfing friends, we open the tournament up to corporate sponsorship and hold a fantastic auction with kind donations from our friends and corporate partners.

All donations taken from the golf tournament go directly to the Adopt-A-School foundation, with an aim of reaching a yearly total of 1.1 million baht. (Approximately $32,000). It may sound like an awful lot but with our generous friends and kind sponsors, this year we managed to raise a grand total of 1,450,000THB!

How you can get involved

Now we get to the important stuff, how you can help.

Rajas Charity Golf Tournament

If you’d like to take part in our next golf tournament please email us at bobby@rajasfashions.com and we will be happy to send you information as soon as it is available.

How – Donate

If you would like to get involved right away and would like to donate today, you can find more about the AMCHAM Adopt-A-School-Program AND make your donations right now by visiting the link below.

Don’t forget to make a note on their donations page that you were referred by Raja’s Fashions, they will let us know and we will add an extra 10% onto your generous gift!

How – Visit

Seeing how the money is spent in action is a truly rewarding experience and we would be happy to take anyone interested along with us the next time we visit the area. If you’d like to join us on a trip, please email us at bobby@rajasfashions.com and we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

We encourage you to join us at our golf tournament or by privately donating. Don’t forget to mention us and we will happily add 10% onto your gift.

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