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Around the World in 20 Suits

You can tell something about where a man is from and lives by his suit. While suits are the international symbol of professionals, they’re worn differently and for all occasions around the world. Don’t want to stick out like a tourist when you travel? We’ve broken down what locals wear in 20 different countries around the world. Use the list to help you blend in easily.

Around the world in 20 suits1. England

Where it all began. Love of plaid, oxfords, houndstooth and herringbone is an easy way to spot a Londoner. They like their suits tapered in England and good shoulder fits are a must. Subtle checks don’t come classier than the Prince of Wales check (also known as Glen plaid). If the Prince himself wears them, that’s a good sign.

2. Italy

The Italians use suits almost exclusively for looking good. Knit neckties, gray, slim fits, flannel, scarves and monkstraps are key to the Italian look. You’ll see plenty of physique-hugging suits: they also like high arm holes to make their movements easier.

3. France

All about looking relaxed and elegant. Expect blazers and sweaters – you won’t be seeing too much tweed and plain prints. The French generally prefer their suits cut slim just like their Italian counterparts do.

4. America

Americans are more conservative than their English counterparts. Black shoes are the norm and when blue suits are worn, brown shoes are often sported. Black, dark grey and dark blue solids in subtle patterns/striped suits are what you’ll most likely come across.

5. Lebanon

For the most part, business professionals will sport two-button suits in navy blue or black. Lebanese men love to accessorize, so you’ll see plenty of cufflinks and designer belts.

6. Hong Kong

Think Wall Street business attire and you’ve nailed the Hong Kong look. Most locals will have a retractable umbrella as well thanks to the heavy rain.

7. Jakarta

Casual is the word of the day. Even during business meetings and conferences, men rarely wear ties here. You won’t see pocket squares much either.

8. Spain

Chinos, Henley’s and V-Necks paired with suits – think the James Dean look. Scarves are highly fashionable with suits, especially in Madrid. They aren’t afraid of pairing suits with stylish sneakers either.

9. Russia

You’ll rarely ever see a Russian man in anything but the best dress shoes (no sneakers here). They usually suit up with gloves, scarves and hats as well!

10. Greece

The Greeks are a chic bunch. In the islands, casual attire is a given, so you’ll see plenty of linen trousers and suits, stylish pattern shirts and sweaters (but tied around the waist).

11. Sweden

They like minimalism in Sweden, especially in Stockholm. Expect clean cut suits with little fuss.

12. Denmark

Simplicity goes a long way here, just like Sweden. Don’t expect to see too many boots thanks to the cobblestone streets.

13. Australia

Where you’re most likely to see the jacket and shorts look! Cardigans are also huge in Australia, particularly Melbourne.

14. Japan

For business, men will mostly wear basic black, midnight and dark blue suits with trim trousers. Expect solid shirts and plain ties as well. You won’t be seeing too many men in their suit shorts here!

15. Switzerland

Suiting style is clean and sophisticated. Trench coats are a popular choice here thanks to the windy weather.

16. Argentina

The place where you’re most likely to see chinos with suit jackets on this list. Jeans are also a favorite with jackets here.

17. Germany

Berlin is especially laid back when it comes to suiting. You’ll rarely see people in suits since the city is such an artistic hub. That said, Germany gets cold so stylish sweaters and gloves are standard fare, as are (surprise, it’s Europe) scarves.

18. Thailand

Home sweet home! Thankfully, wearing suits isn’t the norm unless you want to end up in a puddle of your own sweat. When locals do suit up, expect slimmer fit suits, colors like navy and charcoal, dress watches and conservative tie choices.

19. India

Expect to see more linen and dressier shoes here! Men often wear jewelry with their suits as well. Oh, and of course the safari suit, which was once symbolic of the modern Indian man.

20. Portugal

Just like Spain, expect to see plenty of V-necks, stylish sweaters and turtlenecks under suits.

At Raja’s Fashions, we’ve catered to clients from all around the world. So if you’re looking to immerse yourself in more suiting tips for your travels, come by and see us. Got your own fashion quirks from your home town? We’d love to hear about them.

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