Blazin’ Bangkok: How to Look Even Hotter Than the Heat

Whether you reside in Bangkok are or just a visitor, there’s one thing you would’ve noticed; it’s hot. It can be hard to keep yourself looking cool and collected in your suit when the blistering sun has you drenched in sweat. The humidity doesn’t make wearing a suit the most appealing proposition. So what are men here to do? Abandon the notion of wearing suits altogether? That’d be absurd. There are plenty of ways to look dapper in Bangkok (and in other hot climates) in your suit. Here are tips for staying sharp and looking even hotter than the heat.


When summer is approaching, linen should be your fabric of choice. Since it’s lightweight and has a highly breathable fabric structure, it’s ideal for summer. Linen also wicks away water and moisture naturally – you won’t have to worry about sweating excessively since these fabrics won’t stick to your body. However, linen also wrinkles easily – if you’re wearing the suit on your vacation or to a wedding, this might be okay. If you’re opting for office wear however, you may want to try a linen-cotton blend. You’ll look great and professional without the excessive wrinkling.


Seersucker suits are elegant, functional and few other fabrics will keep you warmer in the summer months. While you’ll certainly look dapper, suits made with seersucker are best worn on more casual occasions like weddings, outdoor event and beach parties. It’s best to stick to your cotton and wool blends for office wear and more professional settings. An essential part of pulling off a seersucker suit is getting it tailor made. Since this fabric has such a soft structure, it’s important that you have your suit altered so that it fits you well. You can also get away with baggy pants and keep the casual feel to your attire – this is one time when the in-trend slim cut trousers won’t be appropriate.

Silk Cashmere

Silk cashmere is a fantastic fabric choice for your summer suit in Bangkok. When crafted with care, they make the perfect seasonal suit since they have a neutral appearance. You want to keep it basic with your pattern choices – avoid checks or bolder stripes as silk cashmere will stand out on its own. We recommend these fabrics for slimmer gentlemen simply because they look best in slim cut fits.


It goes without saying that if you’re wearing your suits to work in Bangkok, black, navy blue, charcoal and the like should make up the foundation of your wardrobe. Nevertheless, summer is also a great time to introduce some bold colors into your wardrobe.

Baby Blue

Graduate from navy and be daring with lighter shades of blue. This will certainly grab attention and will give you a youthful and vibrant flair. Give baby blue a chance in linen or seersucker for the ideal summer suit.


Khaki suits are versatile and are ideal for spring and summer. They’re great in cotton and when paired with the right shirts, ties and accessories, they simply look extremely well put-together. Match with a solid white shirt and black tie for a formal look. If you want to veer on the casual side, pair with a white and baby blue glen shirt (sans tie) for a relaxed yet polished outfit.

Light Grey

This shade is the younger brother of charcoal gray and will work with just about any of your summer fabrics. It’s just as perfect for dressing to the office as it is for casual/formal events. White shirt, black tie, light grey suit, black oxfords – there’s a comfortable yet suave outfit for your Bangkok board meetings.

The Shorts Suit

If you want to be among the trendiest, give the shorts suit a shot. It’s making a statement in men’s fashion this year and while the informality may be criticized by fashion purists, it’s a trend that is here to stay. Have your shorts tailored above the knee and show off those mankles (no socks).


Streamline your suits with the right accessories – they’ll make your look creative and well put together. Sunglasses are a no brainer but if there ever was a time to be bolder with your tie and pocket square choices, it’s summer! You can also show off your taste in socks by sporting your suits with loafers. If you feel like ties are just way to stuffy in the heat, accessorize with pocket squares to stay comfortable and classy. Be bold with your choices of hats, sunglasses and watches – summer’s the time to invoke your inner style icon.

Don’t let Bangkok’s heat prevent you from looking like the put together, stylish man that you are. Remember these tips and you’ll be looking great even when the Bangkok heat is in overdrive.

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