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Dressing Tips to Attract Her Attention

What do Don Draper, Barney Stinson and James Bond have in common? Besides being avid drinkers, these suited up men are utterly irresistible to women in their fictional universes. You may be thinking that it’s hard to look as good as 007 but it’s time to change your mindset – wearing a suit with all the right details will maximize just how attractive you can look. A man in well-fitting suit commands attention and women will take notice. But anyone can put on a suit –if you want to dress to impress women, it doesn’t stop there – you’ll have to wear it well! Take command of the suit you’re wearing and you’ll exude confidence, style, status and sex appeal.

1. It Starts With The Shoulders
Despite what some dating books will tell you, physical attraction is a largely subconscious process. Women are attracted to men that have good symmetry. A well-fitting suit brings out the classic masculine V-taper that women love, starting with broad shoulders which accentuate a lean, trim waistline.


2. Opt for Charcoal
If you’re only going to own one suit, it should be charcoal. It is subtle, fits into a variety of occasions and shows off you’re adventurous side. While black is timeless, charcoal has a quality which evokes a mysterious allure – women can’t resist the sophistication that this color provides. It’s also incredibly versatile and easy to match with a variety of shirts and ties.

3. Subtle Patterns Go A Long Way
Think of pinstripes. One reason women are attracted to men in suits is that they’re a status symbol which indicates security, confidence and affluence. Nothing gives a man that look of power than pinstripes. Subtlety is key – when coupled with a beautiful tie and a watch, you’ll pull of the executive look with ease and women will certainly take notice. If you’re looking to create a classic/traditional look, pinstripes are the way to go. When you’re going for an outfit with a modern edge, we suggest herringbone.

4. Thin Lapels with a Notch
While peaked lapels will give you that extra width on the shoulders, thin notch lapels are more modern and versatile. If Tom Ford rocks this style regularly, you can be sure that’ll work for you too. If you’re shoulders are naturally broad, you may be restricted to slimmer lapels – few things are worse than broad gentleman wearing a 2inch lapel on his jacket. For a classic slim look, we recommend 2.5 inch lapels – opt for 2.25 inch lapels for an even trendier look!

Thin Lapel

5. Bottoms Up
Women love shoes. One of the first things a woman will notice about your appearance is your shoes. You can’t go wrong with black oxfords or boots but be creative – brown monk straps and wing tips will show that you like to indulge yourself by wearing only the best and most stylish.

6. Pocket Squares
When it comes to your overall suit, pocket squares are the item with which you can take the most liberty and add a cheeky touch. Use pocket squares to give you that edge – just remember that they don’t have to match your tie!

Pocket Square

7. Watches
It’s time to ditch the sports watch for when you’re suiting up. Few things will complete your polished look like a nice metal or leather strapped watch. This in an investment that will go a long way, and even when you’re not suited up, dress watches will bring an air of affluence to your look.

8. Tie Clips
Want to look like a man who knows how to dress himself up? Tie clips are a great addition to your ensemble and will show women that you’re no style novice. They should be about half the width of your tie – choose silver or gold plated tie clips for extra style points.

When you’re suiting up to impress her, you can’t just throw on a suit. You’ve got to be comfortable in it and wear it with confidence. Get a tailored suit that tapers in the right places and complements your shape. Once you’ve mastered this step, use the rest of the guide to maximize your attractiveness and send your style game into overdrive.

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