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Fashion Tips for Middle Aged Men

Hitting the big 5-0 is no reason to let your style game slide. Instead of buying a sports car or making some outlandish investments, use your 50’s as an excuse to build the wardrobe that you’ve always wanted. By now, you’ve probably achieved a whole lot in your personal and professional life. There’s still plenty more to come – show the world that you’re ahead of the curve by suiting up better than ever before.

The Golden Rules
1. Have Statement Suits

A mature man has the dignity and years of experience to sport a double-breasted suit or three-piece with ease. He doesn’t shy away from elegant pinstripes or checks either. For the most part, keep your colors dark like charcoal, black or navy but embellish with patterns like herringbone and houndstooth. If suits are a staple of your business life, it’s vital to have a variety of styles. Don’t be that seasoned gentleman who wears the same suit all the time. Mixing it up is more important than ever now.

2. Invest in The Best Fabrics and Fits

Dressing well for men in their 50’s is all about subtlety. While younger chaps can wear blazers with cut-off jean shorts and trainers, that shouldn’t be you. Subtle differences on the other hand, are what will make you stand out. That means high quality fabrics and perfectly tailored fits. Opt for the best fabrics like cashmere, worsted wool, merino or mohair to give you a distinction that make your clothes that extra bit better. Investing in the best quality pays off and will give you the sophistication which befits your age.

3. Less is More

Your clothing should look polished, dignified and comfortable. When you’re in your middle-age, one-upmanship and showiness should be above you. Leave the flashy watches, accessories that are obvious nods to brand names, tight fits and bright trainers to the young guys. For instance, go for softer shoulders and less tapers on the waists of your jacket. Baseball caps are a no-no. Instead, wear a Panama or hat to really give you the polished wise gentleman look. Subtle accents like French-cuff shirts, smart cufflinks, tasteful pocket squares and scarves are timeless ways to accessorize with panache.

4. Whats Underneath That Counts

Now that we’ve covered the jackets, let’s get to what goes underneath. Vest and waist-coasts are fantastic options for men in their 50’s, especially as part of three-piece suits. You should also own a couple of tasteful sweaters and cardigans for casual occasions. Let’s assume you’ve been wearing suits for the best part of the last twenty years. Chances are, you have a decent collection of shirts. Reserve your white ones for the most formal business settings and add a few in ivory, cream, pale blue and pink to give your wardrobe variety. And guess what – one of the best ways to look ‘over-the-hill’ is to wear neckties that are too loud. Be above that and keep them simple but chic.

Style is not restricted by age. Embrace new opportunities as you age and don’t be afraid to completely change your look either. Want to learn more on how to look dapper in your 50’s or above? Drop by Raja’s Fashions and learn more fashion tips.

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