Game Changer: Tailor-Made Chinos

Every man will require a cooler and more versatile alternative to jeans. That’s where chinos come in. Chinos are more flexible than denim simply because they slot in just as well underneath a blazer and shirt as they do with a plain white t-shirt. Since they’ll bring sleekness and elegance to your outfit, chinos are always in style. They’re also extremely comfortable to wear!

There are a range of factors that go into purchasing the right pair of chinos – fit, ankle width, pant length, pocket style and much more. That’s why getting your chinos custom-made from a tailor that will meet all of your specifications is the best way to go. Read below to find out why you should always choose custom-made chinos over their off-the-rack counterparts. 


Chinos can be made in a wide variety of fabrics. The great thing about custom-made chinos is that you can choose a variety of fabrics depending on the look you’re after. Linen chinos are excellent for a vintage look and if you’re a gentleman that likes to dress to the nines, these are your best bet. Most tailors would recommend cotton since these are soft and light, and provide superb wearability and comfort. Want the best of both worlds? Ask your tailor for a cotton-linen blend to get the same look of linen which won’t crease as easily. That’s quality service you simply won’t get from your local retailers.


One of the main benefits of tailor made chinos is that you get more stylistic control. Tailors can adjust your chinos to be flat-fronted and made with side adjusters on the waistband so that you won’t have to wear a belt – this will create a much cleaner look when paired with polo shirts or t-shirts. If you’re of a slimmer build, you can have your tailor create a pair with a slim drape to enhance your leg’s silhouette all without comprising a comfortable fit.

The Right Fit is Priceless

Most mass manufacturers of chinos will cater to a particular niche of body builds. It’s hard to over-emphasize just how much of a difference well fitted chinos will make to your look. When you approach your tailor, you can choose from a range of different fits such as regular, tapered or loose. Custom tailoring brings the cloth close without pinching so that you get that molded-on slimness without the effort and discomfort of stuffing yourself into a pair of chinos that you like. You won’t feel suffocated – you’ll effortlessly appear sleek and trim.


Upgrading the Details

The bringing together of small details in a pair of chinos will truly make you stand out of the crowd. Your tailor will provide you with a stitching that stands out, button choice and a range of other small touches that will make your chinos look like a work of art. You won’t get this attention to detail with off-the-rack chinos. Another advantage to this level of detail is that you’ll get to curate your new pair of chinos to mesh in seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.

Quality Consultation

One of the most obvious advantages of having a tailor-custom make your chinos is the advice that they can provide on which style, cut, and fit suits your body shape. With off-the rack chinos, you won’t have an expert eye to gauge exactly what you need. Whether you’re getting tailor-made chinos for business, smart casual or formal wear, your tailor will cater to you with hundreds of fabric options and style choices for the perfect fit.

Chinos are one of the most versatile items that you’ll own. Do your wardrobe justice and get custom-made chinos so that they’re made-to-measure and are catered towards your personal style. For comfort and durability, you can’t look past the high quality fabrics and stitching your tailor can provide.

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