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Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love This Holiday Season

Are you apprehensive about what to get your dad for Christmas? Tired of the same old bottle of brandy or coffee mug? It’s a common misconception that dads are difficult to buy presents for. Most men like gifts with long-term value, especially those that they can use in their day-to-day life. The first step we suggest you take is to find what best characterizes your dad. Is he conservative, a daredevil, flamboyant etc? This will help you choose the perfect gift to suit his personality type. Take a look at our guide below for some ideas on the ideal sartorial present to surprise him with.

Conservative Dad

If your father is rather stoic, staunch and old-fashioned, it’s best to choose gifts that accentuate his straightforward personality. While colognes and fragrances are great, here are a few ideas which will really set the bar high.

Tailor Made Shirts: Off-the-rack shirts generally don’t offer a perfect fit. The shirt your dad wears most is likely what he considers his best fit. Borrow it, take it to a tailor and let them work their magic in making your dad his brand new bespoke shirts.

Silk Ties: Choose a selection with subtle yet distinct striping. Four ties are a great way to give him a few choices to match with his shirts.

Toweling Gown: a luxury bathrobe in cotton, wool or cashmere will make him like a king at home.

Flamboyant Dad

Does he simply love to dress up for the occasion? If your father has a penchant for styling it up, then you’re in luck. It’ll be easy to choose a present for him since the primary characteristic you should look for is something with character and which sets him apart.

Mother of Pearl Collar Stays: These will be the perfect companions to his dress shirts. Elegant and luxurious, your dad will love how such small details glam up his outfits.

Monogramed Scarf: Scarves are a practical gift for your dad to have whenever the temperature drops. It’s also plain cool to have anything monogrammed. Choose an ultra-soft fabric like mohair or cashmere for bonus luxury points.

Cufflink Set: The holidays are a time when your dad will be wearing his dressiest suits more than ever. Ensure that he’s looking a notch above the rest with a cufflink set. Ideally, choose a set with rhodium-plated or mother-of-pearl cufflinks. Complete the set with a tie pin, tie bar and dress studs.

Fragrances: Buying perfumes for men is a hit and miss business. Opt for a coffret. High-end brands have sets with up to six fragrances so he can mix and match his perfumes for variety.

The Neat Dad

Some men just have a penchant for keeping everything neat and organized. From his vinyls to his wardrobe, your dad loves things squeaky clean. Here are several suggestions for making his efforts even more effective.

Garment Steamer: Invest in a good steamer for your dad and you’ll keep his suits looking in fabulous shape for the long run. It’ll not only free his suits of wrinkles but will also deodorize it. He’ll love how these make his suits look compared to the iron board – they’re also handy on business trips!

Pocket Squares: It’s a small accessory but these will help your dad express his personality and vary his look without having to rotate between various outfits. Plus, it’ll add interest to his appearance effortlessly. You can’t go wrong with white pocket squares, since they go with any color tie.

Lint Roller: He’ll be able to keep his suits looking crisper than ever, especially when he travels.

Sneaker Refresher Kit: Make his footwear indestructible so that they look and smell brand new.

Leather Belt: The only thing that can go wrong with a leather belt as a gift is wrapping it. Ensure that you get a box as well so that he can arrange it neatly in his bag for trips.

The Risk-Taker

If your dad is a bit of a bold risk-taker, he won’t shy away from these suggestions – he’d adore these gifts. Besides these suggestions, think of gifts which will push his personal style to the edge and allow him to express his devil-may-care attitude.

Vitale Barberis Canonico Hopsack Blazer: When thinking of a jacket for your dad, tweeds, leather jackets etc. come to mind. Why not take a step away from the norm? The loose weave allows a more cool feeling when wearing the jacket, giving it smart casual look. Stay away from the classic colors, live on the edge and opt for bolder colors, customize it with Mother-of-Pearl buttons, contrasting button holes and piping, and top it off with his name inside the jacket.

Brogue Cufflinks: Express his daring personality with brogue cufflinks, which are at once subtle and striking.

Kimono: Silk kimonos are the perfect way to make him feel untouchable when he’s on vacation, at the sauna or at the pool. Your daring dad’s past the Terry robes and wool – a silk kimono will be just right.

Impress your dad with a new take on sartorial gifts with our suggestions above. Or come see us at Raja’s Fashions to discuss a range of bespoke options for your father – get him dressed up better than ever this Christmas!

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