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Hanger Management: How to Keep Your Suits in Mint Condition

Think of the space in your wardrobe as prime real estate. It’s your job to get the best out of every inch while keeping your suits in regal condition. But you have jackets for work, not to mention blazers for casual occasions, on top of sports jackets for parties – it can get overwhelming. We’re here to do the thinking for you so that you can focus on looking suave. Keep reading to learn how to keep your suits looking fantastic by following our simple wardrobe management tips.

Hanger On

Chances are, you need to upgrade your hangers. Those flimsy plastic hangers will put extra stress on your suits, which will cause them to age faster. Also, they just look cheap, especially next to your beautiful suit. Your hanger should have a wide shoulder, which allows your suit’s shoulders to sit neatly – it will also serve to maintain the shape of your jackets. It’s time to invest in some quality wooden hangers. They’ll give your shirts more structure as they hang and will hug your jackets’ contours just as gracefully. Invest in wood – it’s a small price to pay to hang your jacket.

Watch The Space

Let’s be straight up. If you’re a taken man, you’re not getting much room in the walk-in closet, period. And if you’re single with limited closet space, you’ll still have to be smart on how you organize your suits. The key is to select the suits, jackets and trousers that you wear most often. Hang these. If you have items which you rarely wear, fold them and store them in a drawer. That way, you have your office wear at hand and ready to go. What about ties? Add a touch of class to your closet and store all of them in a drawer, rolled up. They’re quite fiddly on hangers and when you have twenty of them, things just get messy.

Dress Shirts & Suits

Want an easy way to arrange your closet? Separate your dress shirts by color and you have an immediate visual cue to help you decide what to wear. As for suits, you have two choices. Separate them by fabric (cotton, linen, wool etc.) or hang them in order of what you most frequently wear.
You heard it here first – brush your suit jackets and trousers. By doing this, you’re essentially removing dirt that has accumulated through wear and not allowing it to settle into the inner layer of the fabric. Secondly, iron your shirts and steam press your suits! That wonderful shape to your collar? Those French pressed cuffs? Ironing is what will keep them having shape and character down the line.

Seasonal Wear

Remember that leather jacket with patches you bought after watching Sons of Anarchy? It’s not been worn since forever, right? We all have items in our wardrobe that we don’t really wear and when we do, they’re often rare occasions. For your seasonal clothing, invest in a breathable garment bag to prevent dust from accumulating. It’s important to be especially careful with clothes you don’t wear, since these items are the most easily damaged. To prevent bacterial growth, color fading and general wear and tear, always ensure that your wardrobe is dry and clean.

Your Wardrobe, Your Image

A man’s image often speaks louder than his words. When you’ve built your wardrobe, you’ve invested in quality items which may have initially seemed expensive but believe us, they’re better in the long run. At Raja’s Fashions, we believe in taking quality care in crafting your suits. We’re also teaching you how to take care of them once you go home with them so that you look fantastic for years to come.

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