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How Do You Want to Be Cuffed?

A pair of cufflinks can take your outfit to the next level. The good news is that they’re no longer just reserved for formal wear. It’s chic to wear them to a variety of occasions, whether they are social, formal or work-related. Read below to learn how to wear cufflinks, which situations they’re best worn in and what your choice of cufflinks says about your personality.

Formal Occasions

Black Tie event? This certainly calls for cufflinks. When you’re wearing a tuxedo, opt for formal cufflinks – you can’t go wrong with silver or bronze. Keep the details on your cufflinks to a minimum as you don’t want them to stand out too much. Instead, they should blend seamlessly with the rest of your outfit.

White tie dress code? Things get a little trickier here. Since the formality of the event is heightened, impress your fellow guests with some mother-of-pearl cufflinks. If these are out of your price range, choose a more economical pair like crystal or enamel cufflink and you’ll look superb.

Work Occasions

Office wear can be boring, especially when you have a strict dress code to adhere to. Let’s assume you wear a white button down shirt to work. The neutral color allows you to really experiment with your cufflinks. Play around with patterns and styles, from black studs to bronze ball return cufflinks. Pink work shirt? Be careful with choosing something that’s too gaudy – you’re still wearing this outfit to work. Choose a classic pair of silver or gray cufflinks to give your dress shirt that extra oomph.

How would you like to be cuffed?Casual Occasions

A pair of cufflinks can easily be paired with casual outfits too. Here’s one for you. Denim jeans, blazer, loafers and dress shirt. Finish it off with silver or black cufflinks and you’re good to go!  Your date will be impressed with by how no detail passes you by.

What Your Cufflinks Say About You

Fabric Cufflinks: You’re an old timer who rocked this style a couple of decades ago and you’re sticking by it!

Ball Return Cufflinks: Laid-back chap who doesn’t like a fuss. You play be the rules.

Black Stud Cufflinks: You can’t care enough about how well put-together you are. At home in Wall Street, boardrooms and such.

Whale Closure Cufflinks: Only drinks single malt whiskey in cigar lounges.

Initialed Cufflinks: Millionaire playboy, top executive, you get the drift.

(Silk) Knot Cufflinks: Sensitive, not overly concerned with flash, subtle and possess artistic sensibilities.

Knot CufflinksCufflinks are a fantastic way to liven up your outfit. Remember that color and detail should never be missing from your everyday wardrobe. Follow the tips above to personalize your own cufflink style. At Raja’s Fashions we provide all of the above. Whatever look you’re going for, we’ll help you to keep it simple, stylish and classy.

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