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How Long Can You Go?

If there was an item which men get wrong the most often in their outfits, it’d be the tie. Ties are an essential part of menswear and the right tie length is just as vital. Let’s start with a rule: the proper length for a tie is to have the tip end in the middle of your belt buckle or waist band. Give yourself an inch or two margin on that as well.

Any longer than this and you’ll look frumpy and sloppy. Too short? You’ll look unkempt and childish. When a tie is worn at the right length, it’ll balance out your legs and torso. Here’s a sure-fire trick to mastering this in real life. First, when your tie is resting around your neck untied, adjust the end of the tie to rest in between the third and fourth button down your shirt. Start tying and make adjustments as you go! This way, the tie’s tip (the pointed end) will always end in that sweet spot where your belt buckle is.

Maintain Good Posture

Now that we have established the sweet sport for where your tie should end, here’s how you get it perfected. When trying it on, make sure that you’re not standing too upright with your back straight – you want your tie to look natural when you’re relaxed or walking around. Don’t slouch either since this will make the tie sit shorter on your body.

The Casual Look

Whether you’re opting for a smart casual look or a formal outfit, the rules for tie length remain the same. If, however, you choose to sport a square – tip tie (these are back in fashion), it’s bottom should fall about halfway through the waistband. Be careful here: when square tip ties are too long, they’ll make your body look out of proportion.

Make Every Tie Fit Seamlessly

Do you have an exquisite tie that you’d like to use but it’s just too long? Use our expert tips from Raja’s Fashions. For ties that are too long, use a Windsor Knot – this style of tying uses more fabric so that your favorite necktie sits right where it should.

The perfect tieWhat if the tie’s a little short? Undo it and start tying again with the four-in-hand knot method since this uses less fabric. Click here for an easy-to-follow video on this technique.

If you’re on the more muscular and athletic side, choose a slightly wider and longer tie to create balance between your lower body and torso.

Slender men should opt for a slightly short and thinner tie. If you’re taller and most ties are falling short, use the Simple Knot (Oriental Knot) method.

The Lowdown

Here’s a fail-safe guideline for tie lengths no matter which style you’re going for. Remember, always maintain a posture that is relaxed and natural when assessing your ties!

Too long: the tie extends way past your waistband.

Too short: big gap between where your tie ends and where your trousers star – shirt fabric is seeing daylight.

Correct: the tip of the diamond will sit in the middle of the waistband and belt.

Mastering style and suiting isn’t easy but then again, few things worth having are. Drop in to Raja’s Fashions to view our beautiful selection of ties – we’ll share our expert tips on tie lengths, widths, colors and everything else to do with menswear.

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