How to Clean and Maintain Your Suit

Think of your suit like a relationship. If you want it to last and go the distance, you’ll have to devote some time and attention to it. Luckily for you, suit maintenance is a lot easier than you might think. Many men wear their suits to work/business daily. With the wear and tear that accumulates through travel and exposure to heat, food and odors, your suit certainly needs regular cleaning. Dropping it off at the dry-cleaner all the time is a good-way to break the bank and spend a lot more money than you need to on suit maintenance. Besides, frequent trips to the dry cleaners will expose your trusted companion to harsh chemicals which will eventually denature its fabric. Here’s a guide on how you can put together your own suit-cleaning regimen with these four simple items.

1. Fabric Steamer

Use fabric steamers to remove surface dust and wrinkles that accumulate from sitting, driving and general travel. When it comes to suits, you certainly want to steam and not iron. Suits are an investment and buying a good steamer is a great way to prolong the lifespan of your suit. Steaming is also efficient – you’ll be removing both odors and wrinkles at the same time. Stay clear of steaming the chest area of the jacket since this can alter the shape of the internal canvas.

Fabric Steamer

2. Suit Brush

These look like your everyday hair brushes except the bristles are made from either synthetic material or natural hair. We recommend natural hair bristles since they are the least coarse. Giving your suit a brush after each wear will certainly go a long way to keeping it in top-condition. Simply hang your jacket and brush downwards gently and slowly – same technique as you would with shaving!

3. Wood Hangers

When you’re not wearing your suit, hang it! Never use flimsy metal hangers as these will distort the shape of the shoulders and padding of your suit. Instead, purchase a hanger that matches the shape of your jacket – get one that is wide enough for the shoulders to fit comfortably over. Why wood? Natural wood is ideal since they’ll help absorb the moisture from the fabric after a long day of wear.

4. Travel

A garment bag is your suit’s best friend when traveling. Use one that is easy to carry and fits the contours of your suit. Choose breathable and light bags to keep your suits cool.

A Simple, Effective Regimen

  • When you arrive home, turn on the steamer and remove your suit.
  • Apply steam to the wrinkles in the break of the arms of your coat, as well as the front and back
  • Apply steam to the wrinkles in the crotch and back of your legs where the pant breaks from sitting all day
  • Lightly brush your suit coat and pants, hang them on to your valet to breathe and air out the following morning
  • Use a lint roller to take off any unwanted dust or hair


You know better than to throw your suit in the washer, fold it in with your other clothes or god forbid, toss it in the corner with your other clothes. Simply follow the cleaning regimen above to keep your suit in impeccable shape while saving money on frequent trips to the dry cleaners. If you do have visible dirt or odor building up, have a dry cleaner spot clean the dirty area rather than the entire suit jacket.

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