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How to Get Rid of Stains on Suits and Shirts

There’s a sumptuous Big Mac in your hands. You grab it by the horns and bite into it with full force. Next thing you know all that Big Mac sauce has dripped onto your gorgeous jacket. And you had to wear it on a date that very night. Sounds like a calamity right?

But don’t fret. Everybody stains their clothes at some point. The key to dealing with these unmitigated disasters is to take immediate action (with the right techniques). Allow me to share with you some useful tips on how to get rid of your shirt and suit stains painlessly.

Water Down

First things first – you always want to ensure that you dab the stain or blemish with water. Keyword: dab. Scrubbing forcefully will aggravate the problem further. Apply your water treatment gently and take a look below to see which temperatures are the best for different types of stains.

The Guide

Sweat stains happen to just about every man and woman living in Bangkok. It’s inevitable. Wine and coffee stains are common mishaps. Luckily, this guide has got you covered.

  • Coffee – Treat immediately with lukewarm or cool water. Dilute vinegar with water and gently dab the stain. STAY AWAY FROM BAR or POWDER SOAP. This will ruin your fabric. Instead, opt for detergent.coffee stain
  • Sweat/Armpit Stains – Soak the shirt or jacket in lukewarm water. Wash the piece with detergent and if it still has a bad odor, apply an enzyme cleaner. This tip is going to come in handy given the Bangkok heat – it’s best that you apply the detergent gently.
  • Wine – Immediately soak your shirt or jacket in warm water. Salt the stained area and then douse gently with detergent. Finally, rinse again and wash in warm water. Dropped some Shiraz on your favorite jacket or shirt? No stress: just be sure to take action as soon as it happens.
  • Blood – Rinse with cold water to start. Then, treat it with household ammonia and finish the job by soaking it in cold water for 10-15 minutes.
  • Sauces & Food Stains – First, remove the surface stain carefully with a dull knife. Then, apply liquid detergent on the spot. Flip the cloth inside out and rinse the spot from underneath with cold water.
Fabric Rules

Each fabric has a specific treatment, especially when it comes to washing and removing stains. It’s vital that you get to know what they react to so that you don’t panic and use the wrong method!

Cotton: Warm water is your best bet. The best treatments for cotton are detergents, lemon juice and vinegar.

Wool: Never use hot water with wool. These fabrics are heat sensitive, so you don’t want to cause any further damage. Since wool jackets are canvassed and have interlining inside, that won’t act well with the warm water. Stay away from your acidic based concoctions like lemon juice. Instead, stick to detergent.

coffee stained suit

Silk: You can treat silk stains with water but rather than letting the wet spot dry on its own, rinse the whole garment thoroughly. Glycerin stain remover is your best bet.

Now that you’re well informed on how to get of stains on your shirts and suits, you won’t panic the next time an accident happens. The rule of thumb is: always take immediate action. Even if you don’t want to use the treatments we’ve suggested, you should still make sure you soak your shirt and jacket before taking it to a professional cleaner.

Visit us at Raja’s Fashions for more tips on how to clean your suits impeccably. We’re not just about providing you with a wonderful wardrobe – we teach you how to sustain it as well!

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