James Bond Vs. Christian Grey: Who Wears the Suit Better?

Show us a man who does not want to dress as well as James Bond or Christian Grey and we’ll show you what skepticism looks like. From the days of Goldfinger to the modern incarnation Daniel Craig portrays, Bond’s sartorial choices are subject to much fanfare and imitation. On the other hand, you have Christian Grey, a sadistic millionaire whose domineering personality is visually represented in his impeccable taste in suits. We’ll explore the different suits that these two style icons wear and break them down so that you can look just as good as they do.

James Bond

When it comes to fictional heroes who possess a signature style, few can hold a candle to James Bond. The spy is a male icon; he drives Aston Martins, charms the most beautiful women, sips martinis and is dressed to the nines – it’s little wonder that we might want to emulate his style.

Bond’s suits fit like a second layer of skin. That’s why he can jump off buildings, seduce millionaire heiresses and get into a high-speed car chase all without a crease. The silhouette fits that you see him wear are a result of high-end bespoke tailoring, designed by the legendary Tom Ford. His signature style is worn by Daniel Craig throughout Spectre: a two-button jacket with wide peaked lapels, strong pagoda shoulder and roped sleeve heads. One such suit in Spectre is a Prince of Wales check wool suit in medium blue with a subtle black overcheck. It’s a popular colour of 007, one which allows for subtlety and sophistication at the same time.

The classic 007 look is visually summarized in Casino Royale when Craig appears in the signature Bond peak lapel black tuxedo. The look is synonymous with the spy that’s dressed to kill. If you want to imitate this look, here are the details – the coat features jetted pockets at the waist, double vents, single button closures and four buttons on the sleeve cuffs. When it comes to your trousers, have them straight cut and lined to the knees for a subtle and elegant finish.

There is a long tradition of Bond dressing in stripes when he’s in London and this continues in Spectre. Daniel Craig wears a Tom Ford inspired grey herringbone when he visits Q’s office. The jacket features a close-fitting chest and a too-tight waist in a fashionably short length. Bond almost exclusively wears two-buttons in darker hues like grey, charcoal and French blue. When he does wear a black suit to the funeral scene, he still manages to make it his own by wearing it in a subtle pinstripe.
James Bond

Christian Grey

Nothing expresses Christian Grey’s domineering personality more than his polished taste in suits. His clothes imbue every facet of his character – this is a man who wouldn’t be caught dead in an off-the-rack suit. Designer Mark Bridges took it upon himself to design all the suits and have them tailor-made to fit actor’s Jamie Dornan’s physique and bring the character’s personality to his wardrobe.

If there’s one word that describes Grey’s clothing, it would be bespoke. The attention to detail appeals to his ‘control-freak’ persona. While his casual clothing is mostly cashmere (from t-shirt to jumpers), his suits are exclusively made from Italian wool. All of his suits are also slim-cut but nevertheless feature peaked lapels to create a clean, classic, young, expensive and dashing look.

The vaunted grey suit in 50 Shades of Grey is iconic. Despite his lean physique, Grey still dons peaked lapels which make his tight waist all the more prominent. Unsurprisingly, the grey suit is a popular search item on Google for men looking to replicate his style. Bonus tip: the lapels feature hand stitching, a detail which seems to balance the hardness of the peaked points and adds a certain softness and civility.

In keeping with his obsessive personality, Grey’s suits are elegant yet conservative. He wears the classic British style of suiting: a two-button, single breasted form fitting coat with a 3-inch peak lapel, side vents in the back with about an inch of French cuff showing beneath the sleeves. What do all the details do? To visually tell a story of a man who takes a fanatical interest in his personal style.

Christian Grey
Whether you want to add the seamless style of 007 to your wardrobe or invoke the powerful and alluring look of Christian Grey, remember that it’s the attention to detail that matters most. Subtlety is the name of the game. Choose patterns like herringbone, look suave in grey and most of all accentuate your shoulders with peaked lapels. If you’re looking to dress up in style, taking cues from James Bond and Christian Grey is certainly a step in the right direction.

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