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On The Lighter Side of Tailoring

We’re rarely tied up when it comes to thinking of tailor jokes – here’s one off the cuff. An ancient Greek man walks into a tailor with a torn pair of trousers. “Euripides?”, asks the tailor. “Yeah. Eumenides (EU-MEAN-A DESE)?”, replies the man.

Now that the awful suit jokes and puns are over, we can handle more serious matters such as what inside jokes tailors make with their customers. Check out these snippets to enhance your sartorial knowledge.

No Need to Get Shirty

The world of custom made threads can be difficult to navigate for those buying their very first suit. When you arrive for an appointment, it’s important to express your personal tastes to your tailor. And if you’re unsure of how you want your suit to look, a good tailor should listen to your needs before taking measurements or helping you choose fabric. That’s the standout benefit of getting tailor-made clothes.

But did you know that the phrase “tailor-made” is a euphemism as well? For one, it refers to a man who is overly submissive to women, especially his romantic partners. In Australia or England, the phrase also refers to pre-rolled cigarettes. So if you catch your tailor smirking as he drops this line, you’re now in the know.


In the realm of music related jokes, rhythm sections take the hardest hits. Bassists get the brunt of it while drummers like Keith Moon kind of make the stereotype that they’re all crazy hard to disprove.

Tailor shops hold them in a similar esteem unfortunately. “Drummers” refer to trouser makers. It’s a contemptuous term used by coat-makers because crafting trousers requires less skill. On that note, start calling jackets “coats” in tailor shops. Only potatoes have jackets.


You might hear carbage referred to as garbage or cabbage. These terms refer to the scraps of fabric tailors collect from cutting their clients’ garments. Back in the day when high-quality fabric was a luxury, tailors would keep these scraps for future work to make an extra buck. Clients would often call out their scrupulous tailors and claim the fabric. So if your suit is ridiculously baggy, tell your tailor that’s he looking for cabbage.

Call The Doctor

Tailoring is a profession where perfectionism is rewarded with loyal and paying clients. Men who are particular about their suits have a unique neuroticism in the tailor shop. If they panic at fittings and make a fuss, tailors with a sense of humor “call the doctor”. No ambulances. The doctor is sartorial jargon for an alterations tailor.

The Winter Suit

When you’re making a suit that you want to wear all year round, it’s smart to leave just a little bit of extra room in the seat and waist for those times that you gain a few pounds but still want to look suave. If this sounds like you, tell your tailor that you want a “winter” or “all-seasons” suit.

There’s plenty more of where that came from. If you can’t get enough of tailor jokes or would just like a suit made, drop in to Raja’s Fashions or give us a call today.

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