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Orange You Glad You Red This?

Think of your wardrobe as an investment portfolio. As you keep building it up, you will have a variety of options for every occasion. Most men will certainly need more than one suit. The trick to building a great collection of suits is to purchase ones that will serve you for the long term. Some suit colors are just more useful compared to others – think black, charcoal and navy blue. If you’re concerned with expanding your color palette and creating a more colorful suiting wardrobe, this post is for you.

The Office

Most men will be conservative with their approach to office wear. The rule of thumb for your suit colors is to not to aim for too much flash – your boss will appreciate this sentiment. You want colors that are the workhorses of your wardrobe: enter your navy blue, charcoal and light grey suits. Dress them up with a patterned shirt and an accessory like a pocket square.

First Date

You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard so let’s not whip out the orange, red and bright green blazers just yet. It’s best to partner business casual or smart casual to make a good first impression. Choose your best-fitting black blazer with chinos and a sweater. Brown jackets are fantastic with denim and a shirt for a semi-formal evening out. You can even opt for a khaki jacket for a smart casual look which says that you’re outgoing, polished and have a vested interest in looking amazing. Always balance your khaki and brown jackets with darker shades of jeans.


Warmer weather means that you push the boundaries with your color choices. Bold blue is a fantastic choice for summer wear, especially with shorts. Who could forget about white? They’re the quintessential summer suit. Wear your white suits with black, pink, light blue and dark blue shirts. Here’s a color we bet you haven’t tried – peach! If you have a darker complexion, peach is a superb color choice for a summer suit. Enhance this look with denim and pair with bold shirts (black and white) for an irresistible look.

summer_blazerHolidays and Casual Get-Togethers

Tan is the perfect day-time counterpart to evening black. While black conveys mystery and allure, tan exudes confidence and a casual vibe. It’s best suited to warmer weather and should be paired with brown shoes and a bag. Traveling to the Bahamas? The tan suit is all about kicking back. Try a bright white dress shirt and leave the collar open – you won’t need a tie when you’re on holiday.

Destination Weddings

A wedding in a chapel will call for a different suit than a ceremony at the beach. When you’re going bare feet on the sands of Koh Samui, you can be sure that a colorful jacket is appropriate. Look at your wedding invite for guidance on what look you should be going for – the bride and groom will appreciate that you don’t take all of the spotlight no matter how great you look!

Days Out On the Sea

Got a summer cruise or boat party to attend? It’s time to pull out the linen suits. For casual occasions like parties, be creative and opt for light blue, tan or white jackets. Bust out those linen captain hats and sail in style!

At Raja’s Fashions, we cater to men who want a gorgeous suit for every time and place. Stop by our shop and tell us exactly what you need and we’ll deliver.

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