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Questions to Ask Your Tailor During a Fitting

Whether it’s your first time at a suit-fitting session or you’ve gone through one before, there are a range of questions that you should ask your tailor. Besides the importance of communicating exactly what you’re after, it’s handy to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the end result. Bespoke made suits are costlier than off-the-rack options more often than not – get the most out of your time by asking your tailor these questions at your next fitting.

What still needs to be added?

The first appointment with a tailor is the consultation. Once you’ve discussed what you like, what occasions the suit is for and have been measured, the tailor will usually show you sample fabrics and different suit styles. Upon your arrival at a subsequent fitting, bear in mind that it will be a rough guide to what your suit will eventually look like. Ask your tailor what’s left to do, so that you can visualize what the suit will look like when it’s finished. He or she will be more than happy to let you know!

Bonus Tip: Wear dress shoes, dress belt and a collared shirt to the fitting so that you can have a clear idea of what it your suit will look like in a complete ensemble.

Is it a good fit?

Not too sure about what a good fit entails? Ask your tailor to get an understanding of one. This is especially true if you’re after slimmer cut suits. Don’t expect the suit to come out perfect at a fitting. The tailor will certainly explain which areas need alternation. Suppose you feel the suit is snug around the chest and shoulders or tight around the backside – ask your tailor if it’s a good fit. In Europe, British tailors usually cut suits looser than their Italian counterparts, who prefer slimmer fits. So keep cultural differences in mind and don’t be shy to ask.

Bonus Tip: Arrive at your consultation and fitting at a stable weight (one that you can maintain!). You’ll then be more confident of wearing the suit comfortable for a long time.

Can this be changed/fixed?

Sometimes you order an espresso and the waitress gets you a double. We’ve all had times when we just went ahead and drank it instead of kicking up a fuss. Suit fitting sessions are not a time to stay mum. If you aren’t satisfied with something, be it the trouser length, waist or sleeve length, never be afraid to ask the tailor to fix it. Your tailor will be more than happy to accommodate your preferences at any time.

Bonus Tip: When you try on the suit, it should be fairly comfortable to move your arms forward unless you go for a super slim fit. The slimmer the fit, the more restricted your movements become.

What do you recommend?

Chance are the expert eyes of a tailor are going to take everything into account during your fittings and consultations. They’ll have integrated your build, gait, posture and more into the thought process of creating your suit. Ask your tailor what they recommend to wear with the suit, how to accessorize and if you should wear a belt etc. The list goes on – your tailor is there to make suggestions on how you can look your best! They’re making you a suit after all.

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