Sir, Which Side Do You Hang?

Men who suit up will know exactly what that title means. When you’re fitted by a tailor, they’ll ask if you dress ‘right’ or ‘left’. They’re asking you if your appendage naturally hangs to the left or right of your trousers’ crotch. Your tailor will then adjust the dressed side of your trousers accordingly and make them just that little bit wider. In a well-fitted pair of pants, no one should be able to see which side you ‘hang’.

The majority of men dress to the left. It’s basic biology – most males have left testicles which hang lower than the right. It’s arguable that our anatomy is designed for us to swing to the left but it’s not that simple. There are men who dress to the right and then you have those with perfect balance who let their appendages hang straight down the middle. Which way do you hang? I’ve done my research and found out what this says about you!

Dressing to the Right

So you dress to the right. It seems that you’re genetically predisposed to defy convention from the off. Your appendage and brain are connected by nerves and according to anecdotal research, men who hang to the right are left-brain dominant. That means that being analytical, logical and objective are your predominant traits. You’re also likely to excel at linear thinking and possess systematic decision making skills. Career choices for you right-hanging folk range from engineering, finance, banking, industrial design to commerce, economics and management.

On the flip side, some interpretations say that right dressers are rigid and close-minded because they’re dressed the ‘wrong’ way. Fervent left-hangers will remind their counterparts that a former US President was a right dresser. You should forget the naysayers. Embrace your inner rebel and dress for comfort.

Dressing to the Left

Left dressers must be feeling pretty good about themselves thus far. Just like right-handers, you’re in the majority. With your right-brain orientated personality, you are intuitive, creative, imaginative and open-minded. Emotions often get in the way of your decision making which makes you rather indecisive. While others might find this endearing, you get frustrated and anxious at your ponderous nature. Career choices for left dressers? Psychologists, artists, designers, writers and teachers are typical right-brain dominant folks.

Dressing Smack in the Middle

Are you a well-rounded individual? If you dress smack in the middle, we’ve got some good news for you. It’s highly likely that you’re athletic, rational, creative and multi-talented. With that blessed center of gravity, you simply love your skinny jeans and nylon tights. Cycling or horse-riding might just be the perfect professions for you.

If you’ve never been fitted by a tailor, we hope the above has you well-prepared. Let your tailors know how you hang and you can be assured that those trousers will fit just the way nature intended.

Getting to know your way around bespoke tailor jargon is just one initiation towards being a true gentleman of style. Drop into Raja’s Fashions and have a chat – we’ll get you familiar with all the lingo that tailors use in no time. You might just find yourself leaving in a gorgeous suit too.

Bobby Gulati


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