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Suit Mistakes That Men Shouldn’t Make but Probably Do

Suits are the mastheads of menswear – they belong to a unique corner where style, substance, subtleness and elegance merge. Timeless and versatile, they are or should be the foundation of any man’s formal wardrobe. There’s no lack of style tips out there, between the Internet, fashion good magazines and good old hand-me-down knowledge. Despite the well-meaning intentions of men young and old alike, suits are often worn with plenty of mishaps. It’s time to take a step back and correct some common sartorial errors. These are some simple solutions and tips for you to look fantastic effortlessly.


Let’s get it straight – suits are easy to wear because most of the work has been done for you. All you need to do is to get the shirt, tie and shoes right. While everyone appreciates accessories, it’s important to not go over the top. A good rule of thumb is to pick two that you’ll embellish your suit with (three at most). The key is to accentuate your outfit instead of bringing accessories that distract from the overall look. Make smart choices here like dress watches over pocket watches. Already got a pocket square? Give that tie bar a miss and keep it simple! Cufflinks are also fantastic accessories as are hats and bag.

The Infamous Mankle

We’ve touched on this before but it’s time to give it some context. Mankles, when you show off your ankles with trousers cut just above the ankle, need to be done intentionally to look good! That means no socks and boat shoes (monkstraps will work too). Besides that, the most common mistake men make is having their trousers cut too long or too short. It’s incredible how that extra inch or two that pools over your laces makes a difference but it does! There’s a fine line between too long and too short. Individual taste takes precedent here as conservative men will go with longer cuts whereas risk takers would go shorter. It pays to have your tailor hem your legwear so it fits just right.

Button Blunders

First things first. Always unbutton when sitting down, no exceptions. Not doing so will ruin the tailoring of your suit in the long run. What most men get wrong is doing up the bottom button – this goes for blazers, sports jackets and coats as well. The only exception to this rule is a single-button jacket. Are you wearing a three-button jacket? Do up the top two buttons. Two-button? Do up only the top one. Keep in mind that most modern suits simply aren’t designed to be buttoned up entirely. If you’re sporting a three-roll two-button suit, button up the middle one only.

Leathered Up

Leather will never go out of style. But in the context of your suit, think of it as a supporting actor rather than the lead. You want to ensure that your shade of leather matches with your suit and doesn’t detract from it. For instance, a black suit with brown or navy leather shoes is a no-go. Match the shoes and belt with the suit (not the other way around).

You can have the most expensive suit in the world but style comes at an unattainable price – it’s down to experience, good guidance and acquired taste. We’re here to help you troubleshoot your way to looking every part the refined gentleman that you are. Want more style hacks like the ones above? Drop by and learn more.

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