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Suit Trends for 2016

We’re only a month into 2016 but this year has already taught us that the waist-hugging super tight fitting suits of 007 are out the window. From the spring collections of classic Italian houses like Brioni to the shows at New York’s Fashion Week, it’s safe to say that 2016 is certainly embracing the slow-death of the plain black suit and tie. We’ve done our homework to help you get on any best dressed list this year.

Tight Fits Are Out

This doesn’t mean that it’s cool to rock loose fits and ultra-baggy trousers. Instead, a relaxed vibe is taking over in men’s suiting. You should still get a made-to-measure fit that compliments your shoulder and is a little roomier at the waist – this will keep your jackets perfect for both casual occasions and the boardroom. What about skinny ties? They go hand in hand with the tight-fit suit and if we can make a prediction, this is one suit trend that is ebbing away in 2016.

Get Grey

By far and away the most popular color at fashion shows so far this year is grey. When it comes to suits, experiment with as many shades as possible. Whether old-school flannel or worsted wool fabric, grey simply looks fantastic in a range of textures and it’s time that you invested in such a suit; this trend is here to stay.

Grey three piece suitLapel

The lapel widths of 2016 are a far cry from the slimmer notches that have been so prominent in menswear over the past few years. If the latest designs by fashion brands such as Gucci, J.Crew, Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani are anything to go by, men are being nudged towards wider and more pronounced lapels. That means wide-notch lapels and wide-peak lapels are coming back. If you want your peak-lapel jacket to look more casual, we recommend finding one in hopsack, chambray or linen. Wear it over a t-shirt with jeans for a casual yet sophisticated feel.

Prints and Patterns

The patterned suiting trend of the 90’s has been making a steady return and will gather momentum in 2016. Bold checks, oversized plaids and floral patterns are all the rage but this look isn’t for everyone. If you think you can pull off the millionaire playboy look, here are some tips. Pair your patterned suit with simple, solid inners – whether it’s a t-shirt, knitwear or a collared shirt. When it comes to accessories, long-scarves are all the rage. And when it comes to suiting, hats are your friends in 2016.


2015 was the year ‘athleisure’ really came to the fore – it’s an upscale hybrid of athletic and leisure wear. Men’s suiting will certainly embody this trend. Expect to see plenty of two-piece suits in lycra and cotton on London, Paris and Milan runways. It’s now perfectly acceptable to pair your jacket with sneakers too. Roll neck-sweaters will bring depth to your double-breasted suits while neckerchiefs are now the antidote to ties. The one caveat to wearing a t-shirt is the moment you take the jacket off – think carefully of how it’ll look with your trousers.

Keeping It Casual

2016 will mark the year when menswear moved away from ‘power-dressing’. If you think wearing your jacket with shorts is a no-no, think again. You’ll need a keen eye to pull this look off and since you’re reading this blog, let’s say that you do. The hems of the jacket should hit the mid-point of your buttocks and the shorts should be about mid-thigh. You can experiment with your shoes but just remember to complement, not contrast – also, no socks! The casual men’s suit is booming: think of slim cut trousers, blazers, chinos and be liberal with your footwear. Experiment with different colors, and styles to create your own unique look.


The bottom line on 2016 is that you’ll have plenty of interesting additions to your suiting wardrobe. Embrace the casual and more relaxed fits while keeping an eye out for grey suits in any number of shades. Ditch the tie and rock the neckerchief this year and play with some of our suggestions over the next 10 months – especially if being dressed to the nines is your sort of thing.

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