The Complete Guide to Accessories for Suits

If you’re trying to get dressed to the nines, knowing how to accessorize your suits will be your trump card. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and shed the notion that a simple tie and lace-up will do. Accessories are the details that will complete the sleek and elegant look that you’re going for – think of your suit as an ensemble. Investing some time and effort into embellishing your attire is always worthwhile.  Here’s a complete guide to accessories that every man should consider.

Pocket Squares
If you want to add a dapper touch to your dress suits, pocket squares are the way to go. You can’t look past silk and cotton pocket squares for both comfort and style. Pocket squares come in various sizes, colors and patterns. Like ties, they need to complement your suit. The most popular way of accessorizing pocket squares is to have it match the tie but you can push the boat out and choose a different pattern; this will truly show off your impeccable taste. A good size for your pocket square is 10 by 10 inches; this will make the perfect shape for sliding into your jacket pocket.  There really is no rule when it comes to pocket squares: they do not need to match your tie! Have fun when choosing your pocket squares and wear them with confidence.


It’s difficult to wear a suit and have it look complete without a tie. Unless you’re dressing for a costume party, we’ll start off with what to avoid – cartoon prints or any tie which has more than three  colors as this will just look too busy!  The less colors your ties have, the more formal your look will be. You’ll have to choose a tie which accents the color, cut, style and fit of your suit and dress shirt. For example, a navy blue tie sits perfectly against a lighter blue shirt with a gray or blue suit. Whether you’re dressing for a wedding, meeting, ball or graduation ceremony, the rules stay the same – suit and tie must match. Ties come in solids, stripes, patterns and woven for the most part. Here are some general rules of thumb: if you’re wearing a striped suit, try to complement it with a solid or woven tie. On the other hand, if your suit is a solid color, go with a stripes or bolder patterns (for your ties). The tie width should not be wider then the widest part of your suit lapel.

Tie Clips
Think that a tie and watch are enough to enhance your suit? It’s time to think outside the box and show off your fashion nous. Tie clips aren’t just a sleek touch – they’re also very practical and will keep your ties from creasing.  When it comes to color choices, silver and gold plated designs work best. Here’s a rule of thumb: the tie clip color should match your belt buckle, pen and watch and should never be wider than your tie!

Let’s start off by saying that a belt should never be a necessity when wearing a suit. Suit pants should sit on your waist without the need for a belt; this means that your pants should always be well-fitting. The best should just fit firmly on your trousers without causing any bunching of excess fabric at the back How do you match your belt with your suited outfit? Simply match the color and finish of your shoes with your belt. Wearing black oxfords? Black belt. A pair of brown wing tips? Brown belt. When it comes to fabric, you can’t go wrong with good quality leather. Black is obviously the most popular choice here but brown is becoming increasingly popular in fashion capitals such as Paris, New York, Miami and Tokyo. Just remember; they must match the shoes!


Think of shoes as the base when it comes to accessorizing – the right choice will bring out the full potential of your suit. Black oxfords are the safest choice simply because they’ll fit with most colors. But explore! You can choose from brogues and monkstraps to wingtips and slim-cut boots depending on the occasion. Here are some examples. Pair navy blue suits with black, brown, or burgundy shoes.For grey and black suits choose black or cordovan . Your shoes should also be the same color as your belt and socks should be long enough not to show any part of your hairy legs. Never forget to keep them clean and polished – nothing ruins a gorgeous suit like dirty shoes.

Let’s start off with what not to wear – sport watches. Investing in a dress watch will add elegance and sophistication to your look, whether you’re wearing a suit or not. You don’t need to break the bank here – a smart dress watch will go a long way to making a statement. Are you rocking an iWatch? These go best with navy, charcoal and black suits and if you really want to show your fashion nous, they contrast great with checkered shirts. Bring out the best of this style of watch and expose your cuffs!


Lapel Pins
Lapel pins are stylish accessories that men can wear almost any time with their suits. They’re not just for proms! You can explore the various styles out there. Floral pins are the most popular type you’ll see and will add a look that is at once charming and playful.  But your options are virtually endless – just remember to complement the occasion and suit. For example, if you’re attending a wedding, boutonnieres are an elegant touch; just remember to keep your lapel pins small and subtle.

Think of your suit as a presentation – your briefcase serves as an extension of the look you’re going for. Choosing briefcases with shorter handles is the classic choice and will prevent wrinkling. Never use a shoulder strap when you’re wearing a suit as the weight of your briefcase will distort the shoulders. Stay clear of the fresh-out-of college look by avoiding backpacks. A smart, beautiful bag will be a great investment in the long run.

Want to know one of the secrets of the fashion industry? A poorly put together outfit can make even the most expensive outfit look terrible. Then there’s those that take a suit that cost them peanuts and make it look like a million bucks. Here are some take home points. If you’re going for a smart casual look, start with a slim to medium width tie. Include a pocket square (which doesn’t match your tie), with a double –button jacket. Black leather is always the safest choice and your belt should match! Going for a classic look? Start with accessorizing with a broader tie shape with a pattern that matches your dress shirt. Dress watch is going to be essential here so invest wisely! If you’re going for brown wingtips, what color should your belt be? That’s right, brown. Know that guy who you always notice when they enter the room? Follow these tips and that man is you.

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