Tips for Businessmen: How to Fold Your Suit While Traveling

A wonderfully-tailored and well-fitting suit is a long term investment. As you attend business meetings, job interviews and conduct presentations, your suit will be at hand to keep you looking your best for years to come. Nevertheless, even the most expensive suit looks terrible when it’s wrinkled and creased. If you have to travel with your suits, you’ll need to master the art of packing it with minimal creasing. Here is a guide that demonstrates the most effective ways to prepare your suits for your next business trip.

  1. Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Before you start packing, it’s important that you choose which suit you’re taking with you carefully Textiles like linen wrinkle easily so choose fabrics that are more travel-friendly. If you’re on a business trip, you probably shouldn’t be wearing linen anyways. Instead, this is the time to take your wool or wool-flannel suits since they relax naturally and are hardier.

  1. Empty Your Pockets

While this one may seem obvious, the last thing you want to do when you travel with your suit is have a pen leak in one of the pockets. Avoid unmitigated disasters and empty your pockets (of both jackets and trousers) before packing. Double check for items like keys, coins and other hard objects that could damage the fabric.

  1. Fold Inside Out

The most straightforward way to keep your jacket from getting creased or wrinkled is to start by folding it inside out. This serves to protect the outside fabric from any stains and damage – it will also keep wrinkles to a minimum. You should also do the same for your trousers. Turn them inside out and fold them in half along the length. Next, fold them in half horizontally. When packed this way, your trousers will look crisp and pressed.

  1. The One Shoulder Folding Method

The one-shoulder folding method is a simple way to pack your jackets with minimal hassle. Firstly, hold the jacket upright and pop one of the shoulders inwards while pulling the inside fabric outwards. Next, tuck the other shoulder into the first one until you have the sleeves and lapel lined up neatly. Then, fold the jacket vertically so that you have everything lined up with one of the shoulders. Finally, fold the jacket horizontally so that the top of the shoulders and lapels are lined up with the bottom hem of the jacket.

  1. Let Them Hang

Besides getting a pick-me up espresso after your flight, the next thing on your agenda should be hanging your jackets and trousers. This will help prevent further creases and allow the fabrics to breathe after travel. Opt for a wooden hanger instead of the generic wire and plastic varieties. Your hotel will likely provide this service, so don’t hesitate to contact the concierge!
suit hanger

  1. Steam and Press

If you can’t take your suit to a dry cleaner before your business meetings, a quick steam is the ideal solution – it’ll get your suit wrinkle-free in no time. What if your hotel doesn’t provide a steamer? Borrow a steam iron and ironing board and go to town on those wrinkles. Bonus tip: avoid steaming the shoulders excessively since these can throw out their natural shape. A once-over will do the job.


  1. Invest in a Lint Brush

Garments tend to gather lint when they’re packed and a quick once-over with a lint brush can bring your suit back to life in just a few minutes! Keep in mind that you should always hang the jacket up when using a lint roller as opposed to laying it flat on the bed. This will help to keep the shoulders full and maintain a crisp look. The trousers, on the other hand, are best rolled when laid down on a flat surface.


These techniques and travel tips are all that you need to fold your suit into a shape which fits nicely into your travel bag and come out as neat as when you packed it! Remember to take your time getting the art of packing your suits ingrained – having your suits look as sharp as possible is well worth the effort.

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