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You Are What You Wear

The way you dress has a significant impact on how people perceive you. Work, casual occasions, formal settings, church and dates – these are all different environments which call for dynamic and varying dressing styles. Every man is unique, so embrace your individuality and translate that to creating a versatile wardrobe. Avoid the whims of fashion trends – if you want people to think of you as creative, refined, professional, intelligent, charismatic and tasteful, it’s useful to know how to dress as such. Read below to see what your suiting choices say about you.

The Workplace

The old adage dressing for the job you want, not the one you have rings true. There’s arguably no place more significant on how your clothes are scrutinized than in the workplace. It’s been proven in several studies that people see men in tailored suits as more authoritative, confident, affluent and powerful than men in off-the-rack varieties. So, what does this say about what you should wear?

Firstly, having a tailor-made suit is a great place to start. Getting the basics right is the essential second step to having people perceive you favorably in the workplace. That means ironing your clothes, wearing matching shoes and belts, keeping your shirts crisp and ensuring that your suit fits perfectly. Here’s a quick-guide on how to up your personal style to be perceived more favorably.

The Go-Getter: Shows up in a crisp suit, dresses sharply no matter the occasion. Perfectly polished shoes, occasional tie-bar, pen and minimal-yet classy ties are the norm. Will typically dress in bold color shirts while sporting subtle suit patterns like herringbone or houndstooth. People look at you as mature, motivated and responsible. They likely view you as ambitious as well.

The Creative: Never afraid to dress suits up with tasteful pocket squares, ties, cufflinks or tie-bars. Your peers see you as daring, possessing a bold individual style and with an intriguing personality. You’re more likely to be perceived as a risk-taker as well.

The Astute: Always dresses sharply and pays attention to include variety in his wardrobe. Keeps it fresh, changing up his suits choices to suit the occasion. People regard you as financially well-off, prudent, charismatic and sharp.

Dates, Parties and Casual Settings

Most men will certainly want to know how their clothing choices are perceived on dates. We’ll give you a little insight on how people see you based on your wardrobe. Firstly, colors and patterns matter. The more unconventional and bold your patterns are, there’s a greater chance that women will consider you ‘open-minded’ and ‘creative’. There’s also a fine-line between classy and over-doing it which makes it look like you’re trying too hard. Play around with interesting ties, fine prints for your shirts or simply choose a scarf with an eye-catching pattern.

Why dress sharp? Because physical attraction matters and it also indicates that you have adequate social skills. You’ll be amazed how important your clothing is on creating a positive impact for first impressions.

How about casual settings? We all want to appear stylish, debonair and charming. Accessories are critical to getting people to perceive you to have those traits above. A quality watch says a lot about your taste and even on its own, can elevate how people view your social status. A boutonniere on your lapel is a fantastic way to show off your class. Investing in the workhorses of your wardrobe, like shoes, belts, a dress watch, a variety of pocket squares, classy ties and crisp shirts go a long way in keeping your sartorial game up there with the best – people will see you as one who never misses the details and as a true gentleman of style.

Whether you want to look great in the workplace, at college or want a variety of suits for all occasions, we can cater to your needs.

Dress Sharp - Look Sharp - Feel Sharp