We have been dressing discerning customers for over 50 years following our mantra of Quality, Value and Service. As bespoke mens tailors, we hand-craft the very best in suits, sports coats, tuxedos, pants and shirts using the finest of materials from around the world and demonstrating an unrivalled level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.




A custom made suit is truly a transformative purchase. Whatever the occasion; whether formal or more casual, our hand crafted suits fit their purpose, fit your personality and perfectly fit your unique body.

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Quality sports jackets should be a staple of every serious mans wardrobe. For those occasions when shirt and trousers aren’t enough, a well crafted sports jacket can sharpen how you look and how you feel.

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The pinnacle of mens attire, tuxedos are often overlooked and under valued. A Raja’s Fashions tuxedo isn’t something you wear only once. Timeless and classy, a tuxedo can bring forth your inner gentleman.

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When it comes to shirts, the difference between off the rack and bespoke is vast. Once you have experienced a shirt that fits you in the neck, shoulders, chest, arms and torso, you will never look back.

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Finding trousers that truly fit is a pain for all men. No matter what you try there is always something preventing them feeling a part of you. Well no longer. Raja’s tailored trousers are a cut above the rest (pardon the pun).

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Unless you are the rare brave soul who is sporting a lime green suit to work, accessories are a quick and cost-effective way to stamp your true identity on your outfit.

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We understand that buying custom made clothing is a very personal experience. You need to trust both your tailor and the quality of the tailoring itself. Visit us any time and get to know us. We are here to answer any of your questions and love to meet new people.


Dress Sharp – Look Sharp – Feel Sharp